Committed to Accountability

The Property Taxpayers Alliance is a not-for-profit corporation formed by a group of Waterloo Region home owners. Our mission is to “advocate for the efficient and effective use of your hard-earned property tax dollars”.

Over the last several years, residents have seen their property taxes skyrocket. These are difficult times to be sure, with high inflation rates affecting us all. But property taxes in some parts of the Waterloo Region are increasing by as much as at 2 to 3 times the inflation rate. This is simply not sustainable.

We need to get property tax increases back in line with inflation, if not lower. Without change, affordability will become a major issue for many residents, especially lower income homeowners.

The Property Taxpayers Alliance believes that property tax increases on average should not exceed the annual percentage increases in our incomes (using annual inflation as a proxy for income increases).

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Thank you,

The Property Taxpayers Alliance