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Homeowners and business owners alike have seen property taxes skyrocket over the last 8 years. Inflation rates are back down to 2.8% (as of June 2024), yet municipal (tier 1 and 2) and township property tax increases continue to spiral upwards at 2 to 3 times inflation each year. This is simply not sustainable – everybody knows it! Incomes are not keeping up. And the alarming part is that none of the Region’s municipalities or townships have a plan or vision to get annual property tax increases back down to where they should be – at or below inflation.

With Regional growth in numbers of homeowners and business owners, property taxes per capita should actually be falling, not going up. If they are going up, then Regional governments are growing even faster. If this is the case, we have a major problem.

We need change, as affordability has become a critical issue for low income homeowners and businesses. Elderly homeowners living on life savings and fixed incomes are watching excessive property taxation erode away paltry disposable incomes.

Thank you,

The Property Taxpayers Alliance